Who We Are

Youth Alliance Tetovo  is a non-governmental, non-profit,  and non-partisan organization, located in Tetovo, a town in the North-Western part of Macedonia, where different nationalities live alongside each other with different religions, cultures, and traditions.

Youth Alliance Tetovo was registered in 1998 under the old Law on Citizens’ Associations and Foundations. On Sep. 13, 2002, the group was re-registered as an Association of Citizens under the new ‘Law on Citizens’ Associations and Foundations’ in the Basic Court of Tetovo under Reg. 3GF.Br.57/2002


Tetovo Youth Alliance advocates for the greater development of democracy and civil society, the strengthening of trust between different ethnic groups, and the inclusion of young people in cultural entertainment, environment, sports and educational activities. We provide assistance and support to students in this country and abroad, offer advice on human rights, favor greater inclusion of youth in civil society, fight corruption and aim for the greater rule of law throughout the world.

Field of Activities

NGO Youth Alliance Tetovo, within its field of action, had divided its activities into two programs and a youth program, which operate independently of each other. Starting in 2005 and based on recent activities in civil society Youth Alliance Tetovo opened a grassroots program entitled Civil Society.Our Activities:
•Youth & Children
•Legal Advice & Access to Information
•Fight Against Corruption
•Transparency & Accountability
•Monitoring of Public Procurement
•Good Governance
•Fight Against Human Trafficking
•Youth Issues •Shaping Public Opinion
•Educating and Raising Public Awareness of Local Issues
•Development of Law and Legislation
•Human Rights
•Technical Assistance
•Provision of Human or Technical Resource Expertise to Citizens and NGOs

Organizational Structure

Organizational Chart

Youth Alliance Tetovo is organized into separate administrative and executive bodies according to the organizations governing documents.Membership in the organization is free and open to anyone who presents a written statement of interest.
The Assembly is comprised of all members of Youth Alliance Tetovo and convenes at least once annually to:
•Review the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.
• Approve the organization’s statutes, strategic programs, annual narrative reports, financial statements, and other documents
•Approve acts and statutory amendments
•Approve members of the organization
• Accept or reject proposals for members of the Executive Board
•Further responsibilities of the assembly include: Adopting the annual work program; Awarding certificates of thanks or recognition to prominent members and associates of the organization; Sanctioning members or employees when necessary; Creating and monitoring the procedures and operations of the organization; Receiving and responding to complaints
The Administration comprises of 18 members:
•The Board of Directors consists 5 members of Youth Alliance and 4 external members of civil society who are tasked with ensuring that the organization is following its mission, is responding to the needs of the community, and is responsible to its beneficiaries.
•The Supervisory Board consists of 3 members of Youth Alliance who oversee the operations of the presidency, monitor the financial operations of the organization, ensure the transparency of operations, and prepare suggestions of possible projects to the assembly.
•The Commission on Human Rights consists of 3 members of Youth Alliance Tetovo who are tasked with ensuring that the organizations programs follow the spirit of human rights law, monitor the conditions of human rights with the country, propose projects to the Assembly that improve the human rights situation in the country and region, and participate in lobbying for stronger legislation pertaining to human rights.
The Presidency consists of the President, Executive Director, and Administrative Manager and directly implements the decisions of the Assembly
•The Executive Director directly oversees the program managers in implementing the program operations of the organization
•The President is primarily an honorary function whose position is intended to raise the image of the organization in the eyes of the general public.
•The Administrative Manager provides logistical support to the Presidency
The Executive team is headed by the Executive Director and operates the various programs of Youth Alliance and includes:
•The Financial Manager, who is responsible for the bookkeeping needs of the organization, preparing financial reports for the supervisory board, and managing the monetary aspects of projects
•Project Managers, who are chosen by the Executive Director to develop, lead, and implement projects; manage assistants and volunteers; and prepare reports as necessary
•Project Assistants, who assist the project managers in implementing projects, gather data for preparation of reports, and help direct volunteers
•Volunteers, who are local community youth. assist project managers and assistants where necessary, learn best practices from other team-members, and generally help Youth Alliance Tetovo in its mission of good governance, multi-ethnic cooperation, and youth activism.