What We Do

2014 Projects:

Together Against Pollution in Tetovo

Our Youth Activists

The Winter of 2014 brought the worst pollution to Tetovo that residents had ever seen, with toxicity levels up to 20 times higher than World Health Organization standards. Together with a coalition of community organizations in Tetovo, we led a project encouraging civilian activism of local residents to push the government into action towards addressing the grave health risk that the toxic air levels presented. Funding was generously provided by Open Societies Foundation Macedonia. For more information, visit the initiative’s site.

Restart! Civilian Initiative to Re-imagine the Tetovo Sport’s Center

Taking Ownership of Our Public Places

After decades of neglect at the hands of the central government, the Tetovo Sports Center was returned to the hands of the Municipality of Tetovo. Youth Alliance members decided to take advantage of this moment and began a series of actions to focus the public on this great public resource. Youth Alliance leadership helped advise the process, which grew to a coalition of 17 local NGOs, in successful actions to clean up the park, pressure the municipality into taking better care of it, and hosting a multi-ethnic, multi-generational sports tournament. This initiative was completely funded by volunteer hours and donated goods from the citizenry of Tetovo. For more information, see the initiative’s site.

Green Platform for Macedonia

Platform Planning

Youth Alliance Tetovo is an active partner in the formation of the “Platform for a Green Macedonia”. This multi-yearEU funded project, featuring NGOs from across the country, focuses on providing a viable civil society voice in the ecological future of the Republic of Macedonia. Youth Alliance has been involved since the beginning of this project and is committed to being a voice for the environmental health of the Polog Region. For more information, see this informative article about our coalition.

Coalition for Budget Monitoring

Youth Alliance Director Nebojsha Zaharieski at the first training

Youth Alliance of Tetovo is part of the new Coalition for Budget Monitoring, a European Union funded project that seeks to increase the watchdog capacities of civil society organizations within Macedonia. Together with CED-Tearce, Youth Alliance gathers budget and procurement  information from all 9 municipalities in the Polog Planning Region and publishes them. With several monitoring projects under our belt, Youth Alliance takes an active role in mentoring other organizations in best practices during coalition training sessions. For more information, please see our coalition website.

Food Bank Macedonia

Delivering Food

Youth Alliance Tetovo hosts the regional planning office for the Polog Planning Region of the Food Bank of Macedonia. We function as a liaison between the Skopje Headquarters and the local restaurants, grocers, and distributors that donate to the Food Bank system. For more information, see the Food Bank Macedonia website.

Past Projects

  • “Monitoring” training with CCI – Prilep and TALDi
  • “Volunteer Management” Program
  • U.S. Peace Corps in Macedonia
  • 5th International Children’s Art Colony at Varvara-Leshok
  • ELECTION Fair Play: One Voter, One Voice, Go Out & VOTE !
  • Skopje NGO Fair
  • 9th of May: Europe Day Celebration
  • Free German Lessons
  • Youth Quiz at Goce Delchev Elementary School in Tetovo
  • Collaboration with Planetum Strumica
  • Youth Workshops for informal education and mobile learning